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What a Girl Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s Day. The day filled with girly expectations and often devastating disappointments. Did you know that the time of year most relationships end is two to four weeks after V-day? That does not bode well for a lot of men. I am here to help make the day as stress-free as possible. Most women […]


I have mixed feelings about resolutions. On one hand, it is good to set your energy and attention on a specific goal; on the other hand, we are creatures of habit. The tendency to fail at one’s resolutions is high, especially if there is not a specific and well-defined action plan. Instead, I prefer to […]

Men-To be a Man: from the “Man on Top” Street Interviews

Elana Millman author of “Man on Top – The Leading Man’s Guide to Living and Loving” hits the streets to interview men on various topics. In this episode she asks men what they think about what it means to be a man.

Last Chance ~ Movember ‘Stache Contest!

Alright you sexy ‘stache wearing MoTers, we are in the last week of our contest to find the most successful and stupendous macho mustache. For your efforts, we will be giving one lucky winner a special prize that will tickle and delight (watch the video here for your possibilities). Don’t forget to send in your […]

New Video ~ Sex Toys for Men!

Call for Mo Bro’s…Movember ‘Stache Contest

We are in the second week of our contest over at MoT. You Movember guys are out there doing a fantastic job raising awareness and money for a great cause. We would like to reward you for your efforts too. Keep sending in pictures of your ‘stache progress. Each week we will post your photos […]

Men: Smell Like Dirt

I like men that smell like men. I am not talking about men who stink like a jungle ape or an unfortunate European who has evaded the shower for one too many days. I am talking about men who smell like dirt, sweat, grass, wood, grit, testosterone, and sex. Yep, it turns me on every […]


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