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Become a Liver Lover- Man on Top’s Easy Tips to Spring Cleaning Internally

In the winter, everything stagnates. Our world and our bodies go dormant for 4 month in order to rest, repair and regenerate. The liver gets especially lazy in the winter. The liver is one of the main detoxification pathways in the body so in spring, it is essential to use herbs, foods and activities to […]

For the Love of Bad Boys part 2 of part 2- The Nice Guy

For the Love of Bad Boys part 2 of part 2- The Nice Guy

We hear it all the time. Nice guys finish last. He’s pussy-whipped. He’s soft. He’s a lady-man if he is kind to his woman. He’s not a man if he is anything but the strong, silent, macho, unavailable lone wolf. Yikes! This thinking has gotten both genders into a lot trouble, loneliness and negativity. Unfortunately […]

For the Love of Bad Boys Part 1 of 2

Aubrey was my first bad boy. In 6th grade, he came to school mid-year, with shaggy hair and a bad attitude. He was bigger, taller and tougher than the other kids. He yielded power and respect. It was so seductive to my pre-teen mind. On one of our first dates, we went to the mall […]

Salty Chocolate Balls

I was at a hula hoop intensive this weekend with Jonathan Livingston Baxter of The Hoop Path. He is a hoop god and an all-around awesome human being. He pushed 50 willing hoopers to their personal max and left us all begging for more (I am so excited to be doing level 2 this weekend). […]

What a Girl Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s Day. The day filled with girly expectations and often devastating disappointments. Did you know that the time of year most relationships end is two to four weeks after V-day? That does not bode well for a lot of men. I am here to help make the day as stress-free as possible. Most women […]

Is the Internet a Safe Place for Women?

Rape, women’s rights, and men’s abuses are hot topics right now and in my own life too. A few weeks ago after an inappropriate online interaction, I started questioning if men have the ability to control their sexual responses once triggered. One night, I jumped onto an online dating site to test my luck. Soon […]


I have mixed feelings about resolutions. On one hand, it is good to set your energy and attention on a specific goal; on the other hand, we are creatures of habit. The tendency to fail at one’s resolutions is high, especially if there is not a specific and well-defined action plan. Instead, I prefer to […]


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