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For the Love of Bad Boys Part 1 of 2

Aubrey was my first bad boy. In 6th grade, he came to school mid-year, with shaggy hair and a bad attitude. He was bigger, taller and tougher than the other kids. He yielded power and respect. It was so seductive to my pre-teen mind. On one of our first dates, we went to the mall […]

Salty Chocolate Balls

I was at a hula hoop intensive this weekend with Jonathan Livingston Baxter of The Hoop Path. He is a hoop god and an all-around awesome human being. He pushed 50 willing hoopers to their personal max and left us all begging for more (I am so excited to be doing level 2 this weekend). […]


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A loving and critical look at men and masculinities in science and society

Eric Warford

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A battle between hope and heart disease

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