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What a Girl Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

PrinceCharming1Ah Valentine’s Day. The day filled with girly expectations and often devastating disappointments. Did you know that the time of year most relationships end is two to four weeks after V-day? That does not bode well for a lot of men. I am here to help make the day as stress-free as possible.

Most women believe that they are modern, secure, and don’t need a Hallmark holiday to prove that their men love them. As much as we want to believe that V-day is bogus, we also all crave romance and confirmations of your affection. Women grew up with Cinderella. The desire for our Prince Charming to come in and sweep us off our feet is strong and annoyingly pervasive. And that falls on you.

Women can go deep into their fantasies and imagine the perfectly executed Valentine’s Day; being woken up with love poetry, a homemade delicious breakfast, a long languid sexual exchange, love notes throughout the day, two dozen flowers delivered to work, a new piece of glitzy bling, and a limo waiting with a perfectly packed suitcase with two first class tickets to Paris. That all sounds dreamy. However, that is the stuff of cheesy Rom-Coms and not real life. Women need to clue into reality. Most men don’t get off on that stuff so women are setting themselves up for disappointment.

More than anything, women just want you to make them feel loved and appreciated. I think it comes from our deep wounds where most of us feel that we are not loved or lovable. That is where the crazy, neurotic, “he doesn’t love me” torments come from. You can do a lot to change that loop.

It is simple. Look her in the eyes, breathe into her and tell your lady honestlyManLovingWoman how you feel. Hold her hands, stroke her back along the length of the spine, and massage her head, hands and feet. Do it slowly and without expectations that it will go somewhere. Perhaps do something that employs your creative or manly abilities. Write a song, do an errand that you promised you would do, build something with your bare hands. She will appreciate you engaging your strengths to serve or even tickle her. Prince Charming Points achieved.

Most women just want to spend some quality time with the man they love. It doesn’t need to be stressful, grandiose and crazy expensive. If you are with that kind of girl, perhaps now is a great time to reassess your relationship. Those girls will only cause you trouble and drain your wallet (and heart).

If you are giving from your heart with actions or gestures that are imbued with love, you have it made in the shade, and will probably get some lady lovin’ in the latter part of the day. Good luck.

Please let me know your most romantic gesture. As strong and secure as I am, I totally get turned on by romance.


One comment on “What a Girl Really Wants for Valentine’s Day

  1. Its so sad how most men don’t get this stuff. But don’t forget the power of sex toy gifts, sexy wear, and sending her to get her nails done. Then you take her to her favorite restaurant, come home and use the new toys. This year its the doggy style strap… Look it up ladies.

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