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focusI have mixed feelings about resolutions. On one hand, it is good to set your energy and attention on a specific goal; on the other hand, we are creatures of habit. The tendency to fail at one’s resolutions is high, especially if there is not a specific and well-defined action plan.

Instead, I prefer to write intentions for the entire year. This is the year!  My intention is to take ACTION and be FOCUSED, in my writing, in my thoughts (that can often lead to unnecessary fantasies and distractions), and in all aspects of my life. I make this declaration to you.

Focus is the key to achieving our dreams.

Focus is directed energy. It is straight, linear and purposeful. Like a lightning rod bolting into the ground, focused energy correlates closely with masculine energy. I invite you to harness your masculine energy to seek out all of the great and important things you are intended to achieve. Do it now!  Be focused and clear, and do not let anything stand in your way. These, in my opinion, are the main characteristics of masculinity.

For me, focus means less time dallying on the internet (I have a love/hate relationship with all technological things). Focus means setting out clear, attainable, definitive goals every day to get the job done. It means catching myself when I am indulging in distracted, dreamy thoughts that waste time and energy. The truth is, I think about men a lot, probably too much.

To activate my focus, I am embarking on a 30 day hoop challenge, where I willcherryblossoms2012 hoop for 30 minutes each day. The purpose of this is to concentrate on my hoop practice, tone my body and prove to myself that I can, in fact, stay true to a specific 30 day goal. Sometimes the lazy happens and I can easily revert to the watery, female energy that would rather make excuses than actually do the work. This is the year to do the work!

I invite you to share in my intention of FOCUS for 2013. It is dynamic and masculine in its power. Focus is like a muscle, as we strengthen it excuses hold less weight and we are able to achieve the impossible dream. I look forward to seeing all of you burst forth into your most authentic, powerful, activated masculine self. It’s 2013, let’s rock it!

I sense that with focus and an open heart, we can achieve anything. Happy New Year.

What are your intentions for this year? Please share.


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