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Olympic Fever

I love the Olympics. There is something incredibly inspiring about seeing men and women achieve excellence through hard work, dedication, and focus. I admit that when I see the drama and the excitement of the games, I often find myself weeping with pride (for people who I will never meet). I love the Olympics so much because Olympians accord perfectly with Man on Top principles – Stand strong, never quit, achieve greatness, and look sexy in spandex.

Of course we all aren’t going to be standing on the podium, accepting our gold medal and receiving subsequent big-money endorsement deals but there are ways that we can catch a little Olympic fever (and resolve) in our own lives.

Set Goals

No Olympian gets anywhere without fierce determination and the desire to win. Unlike most of us, when they set the alarm, they don’t hit snooze. They get up, get motivated, and make it to whatever practice they need to in order to get the job done. In your own life you won’t go from couch potato to elite-level athlete overnight. It just won’t happen so stop dreaming. You will get there, however, by getting up, committing to your practice, and going for it every single day. Success in an attitude as much as it is an action.

Eye on the Prize

Olympic is a mindset. From what I have researched, some athletes use visualization to help motivate and propel their performance. Some athletes picture themselves crossing the finish line first, while others envision themselves standing on the podium receiving gold. Perhaps in your own life, you can use visualization and positive reinforcement to help you land that job, get the girl, or manifest your dream home. Olympians use visualization because it works.

Keep a Strong and Healthy Body

No athlete gets to Olympic status with taking all aspects of their health into consideration. Diet and exercise are cornerstones of health. As strange as it is that McDonald’s is a sponsor of the event, I would be very surprised if any of the athletes actually ate that junk, because they know that it will slow them down, clog them up, and make them foggy when they need to be clear. Real food, grown in dirt (not the lab), eaten in reasonable portions and with lots of vegetables and superfoods are definitely ways to tip your health to the positive side. The bonus of focusing on exercise and diet is a sexy, sleek body. Have you seen those swimmers physiques? Meow! Seriously, meow!

Believe in Yourself

I hate to get all Tony Robbins on you but you need to fundamentally believe in yourself and your ability to achieve success. You need to know that you are worthy, able, and have put in the work to get the prize (whatever that may be). The truth is that we are usually most hard on ourselves and that only makes the road much more difficult. Believe that you are able to do what you set your mind to and then stick to it. Additionally, tell that self-critic to take a hike.

So, tell me, what inspires you and what keeps you inspired? For me, it is surrounding myself with people who are just a little bit more advanced than I am so I can see where I can go if I have enough determination and practice. As my good friend Nakki says, keep swimming and enjoy the ride.


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