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Punk Rock Papa – Movie Review: The Other F Word

The Other F Word (available now on Netflix) chronicles several punk rockers, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mark Hoppus from Blink-182, Tony Hawke and Jim Lindberg from Pennywise, who took the leap into fatherhood while maintaining punk rock ideals, mostly. There is no other subculture that is more anti-establishment, anti-conformity, anti-aging than punk rock. In their youth, these boys were angry, sometimes violent and attracted legions of fans by their f*ck-you attitude. However in adult life, responsibility inevitably sets in and these punks, with tattoos, piercings and colorful language, all have to manage life on the road and life within the family.

I love this film. It was heartwarming, funny, raw and incredibly candid. The juxtaposition of tattoos and toddlers was sometimes hilarious. For men who are seeking role models, this might be an excellent film to check out. Once they were committed to their self-destruction, now they are committed to raising their families right. What really inspired me in the film was the contrast of raunchy, rowdy life on the road and innocent serene life at home. These men, despite being the ambassadors for anti- authoritarianism now are doing the job considered by some to be most conventional- being a dad, and doing it well. Watch out Ward Clever, there is someone who is looking to replace you and he wears eyeliner.

All the punk papas were candid and articulate about the love for their children and how they wanted to do it better than their fathers did for them (incidentally, all of the men came from broken homes). All of the men were run-aways and had to forge their way without the help and support of a male role model. Who would have thought that punk would have produced so many fine, stand-up men?

I was really impressed how each man had to overcome themselves in order to be a better father and family man. If they can set their priorities straight, I have even more faith for the floundering fathers out there.

Go and check out this film. I am not really a fan of punk rock though I do hold some punk values close to my heart. We can make a difference, we can make the world a better place. These men are invested in raising their children with a strong, present father figure and that will make a difference in terms of a better future of all of us.


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