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Men and Sex: From the “Man On Top” Street Interviews

Elana Millman author of “Man on Top – The Leading Man’s Guide to Living and Loving” hits the streets to interview men on various topics. In this episode she asks men about sex.

Links to Elana’s book can be found at:


Punk Rock Papa – Movie Review: The Other F Word

The Other F Word (available now on Netflix) chronicles several punk rockers, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mark Hoppus from Blink-182, Tony Hawke and Jim Lindberg from Pennywise, who took the leap into fatherhood while maintaining punk rock ideals, mostly. There is no other subculture that is more anti-establishment, anti-conformity, anti-aging than punk rock. […]

Father’s Day- A Changing Cultural Phenomenon

Mother’s day is celebrated the world over with flowers, cards and elegant lunches in pretty party dresses. It’s a big day and a lot of pressure to make sure mom gets her special day of appreciation. However, fathers just don’t get the same respect. Father’s day is an afterthought, an obligatory Hallmark throw away, a […]


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