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In Praise of the Mother

Men, this is your gentle reminder that Mother’s day is on Sunday. Did you forget? Don’t worry, I got your back. Do something special for the woman who wiped your nose and your bum, who cooked you dinner and cared for your wounds.

Before we get started you need to know, I loathe Hallmark holidays. I resent being told by the corporation when and how I should demonstrate love for the people in my life. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Secretaries Day, it is just another way to indulge our western compulsion for consumption. Blech. That being said, your mom deserves a little pampering and frankly you are going to get a whole lotta stink eye if you choose to ignore Hallmark’s beckoning. Buying cheap flowers at the corner store is a feeble attempt at demonstrating your love. Here is a simple gift guide to show her that you care with minimal effort.

For the Gardener:
• Gardening gloves, an apron and a new stool. Those things get mangy, dirty and mouldy over a season and should be replaced every year.
Copper gardening tools– infuses the earth with negative ions so plants grow more prolifically. They are better for soil too!

Garden in a box- Women like flowers and love to eat. Try out this indoor garden box with edible marigold flowers.

Every time she sees them, she will think of you.

*Good Son Points scored*.


For the Cook:
Ceramic Knives– Ceramic Knives will totally change your relationship to cooking. I seriously love them more than most things in life. They are light weight, do not need sharpening and don’t give your food a metallic taste. They are essential in my kitchen.

Organic spices– Life is more enjoyable with a little spice. Give her a gift box of spices from around the world and perhaps you may be invited for dinner more often.

Cast iron cookware– This is the healthiest way to cook food. These pots simmer slowly to capture all the deliciousness of your meal. Cast iron cookware is expensive but you get what you pay for; there is no metallic taste or harmful ionic transfer. They can be passed down from generation to generation and are so darn pretty on the counter.

For the (sort of) Athlete:
Physical fitness is important at any age. Encouraging your mom to invest in her health is a great bonding activity.
• Hula Hooping- If you read my blog, you know I love everything about hooping and of course, I encourage this for Mother’s day. Hooping is not just for kids. Hooping is an excellent way to counter early onset osteoporosis, is ridiculously fun for the whole family and helps improve mood and cognitive decline. Get your hoops here!

Well Rounded Hoops

• Get walking- getting out into nature is a wonderful way to spend time with the family and do an activity that is easy on everyone’s nerves. Pack a picnic lunch and have a beautiful, memorable, inexpensive Mother’s day.

• Shvitz- Going to the sauna is not exercise per say, but sweating is definitely a healthy activity. Most urban centers now have a sauna park facility or a hammam steam room. Book your mom a day at the Shvitz or buy her a sauna. It’s a wonderful gift that will help her relax, detoxify and look her best.

Some of us have complicated relationships with our moms. Spending time with them can be just as enjoyable as a rush-hour subway ride during a New York City heat wave. Of course, moms can be nagging, annoying, and meddling though that only comes from her love and desire for you to be happy and fulfilled (we should all take a breath in those moments to remember). It is easy to blame her for everything that is wrong in our lives, just remember to also give her credit for everything that is going right.

There is something respectable and damn sexy about a man who has a good, healthy relationship with his mom. In my experience, men’s relationships with their mom’s directly relate to how they nurture and nourish other intimate female relationships in their lives. As an adult, it’s worthwhile to find a place of peace and forgiveness with your mom. Take drastic measures to make it happen (decisiveness is so attractive). Ask yourself if it’s really helping for you to carry the burden of anger, disappoint, fear, regret. Let it go, love her for who she is and watch your life and love get a lot more meaningful.

One last thing, while we are all loved up on the Mother, let’s remember to honor our mother earth. She gives us endless amounts of food, water, and shelter. She asks little in return. She is the true mother. Give her a sprinkling of love this weekend too!


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