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A Modern Day Knight in Shining Armour

Recently on CBC radio, I heard of Vincent Gabriel Kirouac, a modern-day knight dressed in full armour who is riding his horse Lionheart across Canada. Check here for the clip:  Quebec knight riding across Canada for valour This story got me to thinking about the Chivalric code and modern masculinity. The code outlines principles that […]

In Praise of the Mother

Men, this is your gentle reminder that Mother’s day is on Sunday. Did you forget? Don’t worry, I got your back. Do something special for the woman who wiped your nose and your bum, who cooked you dinner and cared for your wounds. Before we get started you need to know, I loathe Hallmark holidays. […]

Man’s Best Friend

Canis lupus familiaris, also known as the domestic dog have long held a valuable place in our culture both for work and for pleasure. From Lassie to Benji, dogs are our loyal, unselfish companions. Dogs can help us see, keep the herds in check and even sniff out bombs. For men, dogs can provide a […]


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