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Top Seven Awesome Jobs for Men


ImageMany of us are bored to death with the 9-5 grind. Nuts to that! I say that life is too short to whittle away your precious time in a place you hate. Men, perhaps it is time to stretch outside of your comfort zone and do something that would charge you with excitement and revive your passion for living. Here are some of the coolest jobs for men.


Rock star: Just imagine yourself in the center of the action — the stage, the lights, belting out your latest song to millions of adoring fans, travelling to different places, expressing your creativity and  keeping company with many different women. The fame, the notoriety, the cash — it is all pretty much perfect. Perhaps it is time to dust off that old Gibson guitar, don a pair of tight-fitting pants, grow your hair and go out there and live the dream.The negative aspects of being a rock star are superficial relationships, months away from home and, well, the potential for Elvis Bloat.


Horse Wrangler: Horses are magnificent, noble creatures. They run, gallop and trot. They can serve as workers and our friends. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to connect with such beautiful beings every day and get paid for it? There are so many benefits to wrangling. Firstly, there is no stifling suit. There is only a ten-gallon hat, blue jeans and an all-important sexy swagger. You get to be in nature in wide-open spaces, free from cubicle hell. Fulfill your inner-desire to embody the Marlboro man mystique. However, the cons are a whole lot of horse poop and the potential for potentially serious accidents. Horses do not come with brakes. Giddy up cowboy.

Motorcycle Teacher:  Motorcycles are cool, slightly dangerous and feed deeply into male bravado. There is the freedom to ride, the feeling of rebellion and the raw power between your legs that can be so appealing to men. Most men I know want to indulge their own Easy Rider fantasies. Motorcycles schools have exploded in the last few years as more people are moving towards the open road. The pros? Being a part of the inner sanctum of Macho cool, teaching people your passion and living free. The cons? Smelly exhaust fumes, can be unsafe and you can’t ride when it rains.


Firefighter: Do you remember when you were in grade school and the firefighters would come to do safety demonstrations? I remember being struck by their courage and valor in the face of dangerous situations. I was also hit by how handsome and strong they all were. Firefighters perform a vital part of our safety and welfare. The pros are saving lives, a healthy physique and the adoration by all those around you. The cons however, can be boredom on the job. Really, how often are there five-alarm fires? And oh yeah, the job is potentially life threatening.


Stuntman: These men live by the seat of their pants and do so by their own rules. Really, is there anything more manly than that?  Stuntmen are courageous beyond belief and do things that many men just dream of — jumping out of buildings, taking hits and doing dangerous things that good boys really should not do. Recently, I met a stuntman (for real). He was humble, incredibly positive and loved his job. The pros? Action with a capital A, street credibility, knowing all the inside tricks of the movie business. The cons? A potentially short career as this kind of work can be very hard on the body.


Video game tester: It’s like getting paid to do what you would do normally at home in your boxers.  Sounds like a pretty sweet deal right? Video game testers have to be astute about the ins and outs of video games to catch the bugs in the system. The pros are that you would probably be playing anyway so you might as well get paid for it and you get to test out all the new games before anyone else. The cons? An expanding belly and bed sores on your tush from sitting for so long in front of a computer.


Sommelier This might just be the best job ever as you get to drink at work and are privy to some of the best wines anywhere. A sommelier in a top restaurant can earn big bucks as their noses and wine lists are highly coveted. Being a sommelier is not only boozy good fun but also provides continuous education and the potential for travel. The pros are pretty obvious. The cons? Drinking all the time is hard on the liver and it usually involves working nights, weekends and holidays in loud, crowded restaurants.


Yes, it is true that most of you will not be the next Robert Plant or Evel Knievel. My desire for writing this was to encourage you to dream a little bigger and start taking steps in the direction of your dreams. You too can have fulfilling work, passion and drive and that knee-buckling swagger that only comes from a man being in charge of his life. Go ahead, make your day!


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