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International Men’s Day

Over at Man on Top headquarters, we are always celebrating men. Why? Because men are awesome and worth celebrating. For too long (really the last 50 years), men’s achievements and capabilities have been undermined primarily by the feminist movement. Once seen as heroes, champions and leaders, men are now seen as goofs, rejects and social […]

Hair health- How to grow a proper Mop Top

All this talk of Movember has got me to thinking about men and their attachment to their hair. Much like the moustache indicating the virility of a man, so does the amount of hair a man has on his head. It can be really distressing to lose your lid at a tender age (or for […]

Loving Yourself Healthy

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend regarding the nature of loneliness and how men and women react differently to it. Universally, most people feel insurmountable, devastating loneliness at some point in their lives. Collectively we feel that no one understands us, or that we are unlovable, or that we are going to […]


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