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Breaking Up is Hard to Do

 Oh yes, breaking up; one of the worst experiences we can have  as a human being. Not too long ago, you were on top of the  moon, high flying in love and connection and now, you feel like  a little turd, squished under someone’s shoe, suffocating in  your own misery. In the midst of a devastating break-up, the  physical pain of a broken heart can pierce deeper than any  surgery, broken bone or injury. We have all been there and we  all know that it sucks universally. It never feels good to be the “breaker” or the “breakee”. Here is a little breakdown on to how to deal with both ends of heartbreak hotel and rise above with some modicum of equanimity.
For the breaker:

  • As a man, do not come back for break-up sex when you are feeling lonely, doubtful of your decision, bored or horny. It cheapens you and makes her really foggy as to what you really want.
  • Be clear as to your decision to end the relationship and stick to it. Do not, under any circumstances, string her along when you are feeling unsure. It hurts her, it is unfair and will cause lasting resentments. She wants to be with you so she will overlook these inconsistencies in the earnest desire to be with you.
  • Do not emotionally boycott her by not returning her calls, standing her up or being wishy-washy as to your feelings so she is left to do the dirty deed herself because you are too cowardly to do it.
  • Break up with her in a private place where she is able to process what is going on rather than in public (like the mall, the office, or public transit) where she may run into someone she knows in an emotionally raw and vulnerable state. Give her a chance to be messy in private.
  • Do not break up with her on Facebook, Twitter, email or post-it notes. Yes, it sucks to have to stare your love in the eyes and tell her that you are not interested in her anymore. However, it is cowardly to do it any other way. Give her the chance to respond to you. It sucks to see her cry but it is worse than opening up an email from your beloved to find out that your relationship is no longer. You owe her that respect.

For the breakee

  • Give yourself a set amount of time to mourn the loss of the relationship and actually use that time. Men often emotionally bi-pass difficult experiences by delving into another relationship, indulging in unhealthy behaviors, or simply pushing painful emotions down. In my wellness practice, I always say, better out than in. Get it out, brother. It will make you healthier in the long run.
  • Talk to your friends, a therapist, or a brother about what you are feeling. Broken hearts hurt and it takes time, energy, and acceptance to get to the place of healing. Breaking up is like coming off of hard drugs without any methadone. Find someone to talk with it about in order to help make it easier.
  • See your part in the relationship and forgive yourself for all that you contributed to create that unhealthy dynamic. We are all human beings, trying to be the best we can be, with limited tools. Be gentle on yourself. The lessons will come.
  • Get rid of everything in your house that reminds you of her. Change your furniture around. Get a new haircut. Throw out stuff that no longer serves you. This is a new time in your life and it is important to mark that occasion by releasing all the things that you do not use, are broken, or are out of date. Make space for the new.

The only thing that I can guarantee is that everything changes. Whether you are deeply in love or nursing a shattered heart, all things will change. Be in the present moment and accept the gifts that are presently in your life. Be open to the wonders that are around you and trust, trust, trust that everything is happening for your greatest good. I believe that the universe is conspiring to make your life a happy one and sometimes that happiness comes with a few bumps (lessons) in the road. Be gentle. Love with an open heart. Trust life and don’t worry.


One comment on “Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  1. Be in the moment – I like that advice. All too often we are waiting for the next thing or something better and not appreciating what we have right now. From each relationship, good and bad, we learn something that will help us in our future relationships.

    I enjoyed the blog, thanks! Look forward to hearing more!

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