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The Gold Digger and the Dirty Old Man?

May-December romances can be difficult to understand from the outside. We may question where two people from different generations click, what are their motivations and how does it work in the bedroom with different levels of uh, endurance. However, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, Celine Dion and Rene Angelil are […]

The Curious Question of Polyamory

With traditional modes of sexual of conduct tossed out the door, we as a culture are more open to explore different ways to go about our bedroom business. That is a good thing because women are finally able to enjoy sex whereas before, sex mainly served men’s physical needs and women’s procreative ones. However, many […]

A Question of Vanity

  Many men have a funny thing about vanity and  fashion.  Some feel that if they pay too much attention  to their outward appearance then they will look like a  conceited metro sexual, not enough attention and they  will look like a vagabond sleeping under a highway  overpass. So where is the line that delineates self-care […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

 Oh yes, breaking up; one of the worst experiences we can have  as a human being. Not too long ago, you were on top of the  moon, high flying in love and connection and now, you feel like  a little turd, squished under someone’s shoe, suffocating in  your own misery. In the midst of a […]


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